Patient Stories

Assessing the Baseline

Dr. Matt Axtman covers the bases as a West Michigan Whitecaps team doctor

A slight breeze drifted in from left field as Matt Axtman stood in the West Michigan Whitecaps dugout and watched second baseman Joey Pankake run down a pop fly to end the top of the first inning.… Read more

Off the Bench and Back on the Ice

Nathan – Hip Impingement and Labral Tear

Grandville High School hockey player Nate Cekander wanted nothing more than to stay in the game. But for three years, Nate’s chronic hip pain made playing his favorite game a struggle.… Read more

Amateur Skateboarder Continues to Pursue his Passion

Auttiesh – Lower Back Contusion

One of the area’s top skateboarders, Auttiesh Danger lives up to his name. Nothing gets in his way—not even a serious back injury.

At age 20, Danger remembers, “I was skating gap and grind, and when I went up on the ledge, my feet slipped and I hit the ground—right on my back.… Read more

Spectrum Health Becomes a Professional Football Player’s Goal Line

Jeff Maddux, center for the Arizona Rattlers, knew he was in trouble when an opposing player landed hard on his leg.

“When I was injured, I thought right away of turning to Phil.”

Phillip Adler, Maddux’s former trainer at CMU, is a certified and licensed athletic trainer and manager of the Spectrum Health Medical Group sports medicine program.… Read more

Sports Medicine Team Keeps a Young Gymnast Vaulting

Chloe – Osteochondritis Dissecans of Elbow

Shane Uson was told his daughter Chloe’s painful elbow was “normal” for a young gymnast, but when the pain persisted, he sought out a second opinion with Spectrum Health Medical Group.… Read more

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